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The representative body of New Zealand's  international hockey players 

"to conserve, promote, advance, and protect the interests and welfare of Members"


  • To ensure our members’ rights are protected and that they operate in safe and secure environments within New Zealand and internationally​

  • To effectively engage and communicate with our members

  • To promote and advocate for independent personal development services that support our members within and beyond their playing career ​

  • To develop the event activities of the HPA​


About us

The NZHPA​ is the representative body of New Zealand's international hockey players. In 2006 the NZHPA was established by the players who, at the time, expressed a desire to have a greater say and input into the hockey environment. 

As the representative body of New Zealand's international hockey players, a core role of the HPA is to ensure the players’ are able to voice their thoughts, opinions and insight about the game, and to ensure that players can contribute positively to the game’s future.


Where possible, support is also extended to past players and those who are playing professionally throughout the world.

Our People 

Board of Directors 

​Jan Rowsell  - Co-Chair

Jacob Smith  - Co-Chair

Sam Child
​Grace O'Hanlon
Blair Tarrant 

Petrea Webster 

Jared Panchia (Associate)


Glen Sulzberger

Executive Manager

Debbie Hansen 

Personal Development Manager



The HPA was founded and registered as an Incorporated Society in July 2006 by both the Men's and Women's New Zealand hockey players, in response to demand from players to have a meaningful voice in the game. After learning about the role of Players Associations the players worked hard to form an independent representative body that could more effectively address issues that concerned both themselves and the game. 

The HPA is a completely independent body with its own Constitution, Board of Directors and since 2010 has contracted staff to manage the association.

In a first for hockey players worldwide, the HPA concluded the historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hockey New Zealand in 2011. Our country has a history of pioneering new ideas and thinking and the players who have been part of the HPA should be proud of what they have established, and hope to inspire the development of similar player association bodies throughout the world. 

This first MOU was in place for two years and after a protracted negotiation the second MOU was agreed and signed in May 2013. This 
MOU ushered in the principle of aligning interests in the spirit of a partnership. 

​Today the HPA is a respected organisation that represents and provides an increasing level of service to Members. Through the HPA, the players are now actively consulted on the myriad of decisions that affect them and the game. 

The future of the hockey environment continues to evolve and through and effective Players Association, players can rest assured that their interests, views and insight are not only heard, but also respected. ​


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