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The representative body of New Zealand's  international hockey players 


The NZHPA is the representative body of New Zealand's international hockey players since its establishment in 2006. Our membership consists of current and former international hockey across both genders. 

Current Playing Members

Current men and women players who have played in an international hockey match, and/or who hold an International / Event contract. 


Past Playing Members 

Any former Current Playing Member, or other men and women who have previously played a minimum of one international hockey match for New Zealand.

NZHPA Membership Form

The purpose of this form is:

  • If you are not already a member of the NZHPA, for you to confirm your membership;

  • If you are an existing member of the NZHPA, to confirm your details;

  • To provide your authority to the NZHPA to hold personal information about you;

  • To confirm that the NZHPA represents you in matters affecting you as a Hockey player in New Zealand (including, but not limited to, collective negotiations and contractual issues).

Collective Bargaining 

Thanks. Your membership application will be completed as soon as possible

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