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Personal Development 

Warm Up on the Beach

To guide, support and empower our members to be the best versions of themselves


Developing player's non-athletic identity and well-being are a key focus of the programme. It is our goal to assist players in their growth and connect them with professionals who can support them.


 'A Player Centric programme that will equip, empower and support players by offering a

Holisitc, Organic and One-to-One

approach to their personal and professional development'

Our Personal Development is shaped by the players needs and is purposefully independent so that it provides players with a trusted place that they can engage and grow without fear of consequence.

The players' Personal Development Programme was established in March 2023 and has been developed with learning from similar player led programmes in New Zealand and around the world. Player experiences continue to shape the Personal Development programme into the future, with our range of services tailored to each player's individual circumstances, life stage, experiences and needs.

Programme Pillars

Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Players who prioritise their mental health and seek assistance when necessary are more likely to perform at their best, as well as enjoy greater well-being and resilience.


Mental health can have a significant impact on a player's performance, and the support offered by our PD programme is tailored to ensure each of our members are able to operate at their best. 

Career and Education

Being an elite athlete doesn’t mean you need to forgo a career or further education.


While the demands of training, traveling, and competing can be tough, the hockey environment makes it possible to successfully balance your sport, studies and a career.  Players who manage their career and academic goals alongside hockey will find greater balance and long-term benefits. 

Financial Management

Financial worries can often weigh heavily on any player's mind. Paying close attention to organising your financial situation and having a good understanding of finances helps our players to reduce the associated stress that experience.

Self Development 

Developing each player's capabilities and potential by working on skill sets such as Communication, Resilience, Leadership, Public Speaking and presenting.

Personal Risk

Managing, minimizing and responding to risks that may affect players, such as Contract review and negotiations and Social Media use.

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